Sprinkler Irrigation Tutorials

Our Sprinkler System Basics tutorial will provide you with the basics of sprinkler irrigation installation and will assist you with product selection for designing a basic sprinkler system.

There are several ways to assemble and install an irrigation system, but we have chosen the two most user friendly and commonly used systems for our Canadian climate.

These are Poly Tubing with Insert Fittings and the user friendly Blu-Lock System of components. Both of these installation methods use common parts for many aspects and have identical installation procedures in virtually all aspects. They differ only in the way in which the sprinkler components are connected and both are reliable and commonly used in the sprinkler installation industry.

Sample Sprinkler Irrigation System and Pricing

Sprinkler Irrigation Design DIYTo better understand the make up of a complete irrigation system and to assist you in estimating the cost for components required we encourage you to review our sample Sprinkler System example.  This example illustrates a standard design with drip irrigation options as well as providing zone layouts and pricing for both Blu-Lock and conventional Irrigation tubing and fittings.


Sample Sprinkler Irrigation System Design

Learn sprinkler irrigation systems tips and get in-depth how-to guides to make your lawn and gardens as healthy as they can be.

Sprinkler Irrigation Tips & How-to Guides

See what our customers have ordered based on actual illustrations and orders from our archives to get sprinkler irrigation ideas.

Sprinkler Systems Customer Examples

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