Using Netafim Techline for Vegetable Gardens and Raised Bed Gardens

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Raised Bed System Layout Using TLEZ or TLCV Dripline.

· This set up allows for easy removal of drip lines and or entire manifold assembly.

· Easy shut-off of individual beds for isolation.  This is also beneficial for Winterizing system.

· Long lasting for many years of use.

Illustration of a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Using Netafim Techline Drip Hose.

Raised Bed Irrigation Sample Using Netafim Techline


Component Options For Raised Bed Set Up Using TLEZ Dripline
1Connection from Mainline to  Raised Bed or Garden Area (use either 1/2” or 3/4” Solid Drip Tubing)
DL-ST600Direct Lock Fitting to create “T” to Garden Bed (with Swivel Fitting for easy removal of entire Bed Assembly.  For Connection from 3/4” Line use DD-ST940.
DL-MH600Male Hose Adaptor connects to either DL-ST600 or DD-ST940.  You now connect 1/2” Solid Drip Tubing to the DL-MH600.

Note: You can sutbstitute these first two components with either a single DL-T600 or a DD-T940700 (if using a 3/4″ header)

DL-FCV600Flow Control Valve to shut off or isolate watering for Garden Bed.
DL-L600Direct Lock Elbow.
2Connection assembly from 1/2” Tubing to TLEZ 12mm Dripline (17mm Tubing Can also be used with 17mm fittings.
DD-CFT700Connects to 1/2” line and provides a 1/2” FPT (female pipe thread) fitting.
T12050MA1/2” Male Pipe Thread Fitting x 12mm Insert Fitting for direct connection to 12mm Dripline.  If using 17mm Dripline a T17050MA will be required.
3End Cap Connections
TL12F8Figure 8 Fitting for closing the end of 12mm Dripline Runs.  For 17mm Tubing use DD-F8.

T12SOV (or TLSOV for 17mm) Fitting can also be used for drainage at the end of dripline runs.

DL-EC600End Cap fitting for the end of 1/2” Solid Drip tubing runs.  Allows for easy drainage at season end.
4Additional Components To Consider
DD-MC6001/2” Hold Down Clips for Nailing to Wood Raised Beds.
DD-S6Hold Down Stakes to keep tubing placed in soil.
irrigationdirectUsing Netafim Techline for Vegetable Gardens and Raised Bed Gardens

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